Ideal Fruits based in Chañe (Segovia), founded in the year 1996 specializes in the production, marketing, import and export of red fruits (strawberry, raspberry, blueberries, blackberry and currant) and local vegetables (carrot and leek).

The continued work, dedication, commitment to quality, innovative ideas and the ability of founders to adapt their business to the market and achieve customer recognition year after year have made possible the company’s growth in the sector, in both the domestic and international markets.

At Ideal Fruits we are motivated by the vocation to offer the best customer service and achieve your satisfaction with our products.

One of the main achieved objectives by our company is to be able to provide our products year round to customers. Now this is our hallmark «Berries and Vegetables all year round».

25 Years of experience

Since we started, we have always invested in innovation to offer only top quality products – All year!

We are a company from Castilla-Leon that is dedicated to the commercialisation of red fruits and vegetables and which has been offering quality and innovation for two decades.


In addition to developing products with our brands, we also manage private brands. Our brands, IDEAL FRUITS, A TU SALUD, INTERCOM, EL MANOJILLO, IDEAL TROPIC… are on the most demanding shelves.


We are continuously developing new types of more attractive formats, and creating innovative, eye-catching and novel products for different markets and types of consumers.


At Ideal Fruits we have a great logistics capacity and work on a complete logistics solution for each of our customers.
Daily we arrive to the main national and European central markets by international truck transport. We work with leading companies in national and international transport and thus guarantee that our products arrive at their destination in excellent conditions of quality, temperature, and freshness.
Our central warehouses are located at 200km from Madrid and in 2-3 hours we deliver daily our products ready to ship to other national and/or international markets.
The satisfaction of our customers, the quality of our products and service make year after year our company and brands are better valued and consolidated in the berries and vegetable markets.


To guarantee maximum food safety, we have a quality management system that has meant we qualify for and are certified in the following quality standards:


The quality of our fruits and vegetables has been recognized in the national and international markets by clients and end consumers for more than two decades.

At Ideal Fruits we offer safe products that comply with current regulations and legislation within the framework of food safety, quality and the environment.

We have in the packaging site of Ideal Fruits with rigorous quality controls of our vegetables and fruits that guarantee an optimal quality and all the organoleptic characteristics of our products. For this we have different international certifications and ISO standards that guarantee our commitment and quality control in the food sector.


Objective: to ensure consumers receive a healthy and natural product.

Our tracking system guarantees the traceability of our products at all stages: from the field to the end customer, and it allows us to monitor the origin and processes the product has undergone at each moment. We can do this because of our complete control of the product throughout the process chain: cultivation, harvesting, storage, packaging, dispatch and final delivery.

Storage and production site
Ctra. de Segovia 333, Km. 9,67
40216 Chañe (Segovia). SPAIN
Tel.: +34 921 065 025 · Móvil: +34 657 677 364